Bedok MRT Station

Bedok MRT Station (EW5) is an above-ground Mass Rapid Transit station on the East West Line in Singapore.

It is located between Kembangan and Tanah Merah stations. It serves the large neighbourhood of Bedok. This station is one of the most widely used stations in eastern Singapore, being crowded at most times of the day.


Bedok MRT Station is one of two stations on the eastern arm of the East West Line that lies directly in the middle of a road. It is in the center of New Upper Changi Road, separating the dual carriageway road in the middle. Underpasses connect the station to both sides of the road (as opposed to overhead bridges on the western part). The station is a short walk away from the Bedok Bus Interchange via a widely used covered linkway.

Plaform screen doors

Installation of platform screen doors started on Nov 4 2010 and was completed and started operations on Jan 11 2011.


Exit A - Connects with Central stop A on New Upper Changi Road, Bedok Bus Interchange and is Wheelchair accessible(WA)
Exit B - Connects with Central stop B on New Upper Changi Road and is Non-Wheelchair accessible
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