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Terminals of Changi Airport

On-Airport hotels include (a) the 9-storey Crowne Plaza Changi Airport Hotel,  linked to Terminal 3 by a covered walkway, with the large Crowne Plaza Club Lounge and conference facilities; (b) the Transit hotels for hourly & overnight stays, located in each of Terminals 1, 2 & 3 - tel. (65) 6542 5538; 6542 8122 and 6507 9788.

The passenger terminal complex at Changi Airport includes five terminals: Terminal 1 (T1), Terminal 2 (T2), Terminal 3 (T3), the Budget Terminal, and the JetQuay CIP Terminal. The main terminals are T1, T2 & T3. T1(to the East) and T2 face each other. The Budget Terminal to the West is separate, accessible via shuttle bus from T2.  The small, yet separate JetQuay CIP Terminal with special services is next to T2.  T1, T2 & T3 are connected by SkyTrain with frequent runs 5am-2:30am; thereafter use the inter-terminal automated walkways /travelators or the shuttle bus making inter-terminal connections in the pre-security areas.

Terminal 1
of Changi Aiport  is undergoing a facelift inside and outside, upgrading its interior to improve passenger flow by making changes in the departure area's curbside, check-in hall, Arrival Hall and transit lounge, all to be completed by 2011. This terminal has on its rooftop a swimming pool, and offers hotel-style dayrooms and more. T1 gate location: Departure Transit Lounge Level 2 - gates C1-C26 Level 2 at northside, and D30-D49 at southside.

Terminal 2
of Changi Aiport  has six levels, with its services & amenities located within its central complex.  Its upgrade work provided for lush greenery, and glass to bring in more light and freed up space for more shops and restaurants. The Premier Check-in Lounge for airlines served by SATS opened just recently. T2 gate location: Departure Transit Lounge Level 2 - gates E20-E28 to the east and E1-E12 southeast, and F50-F60 west and F30-F42 southwest.  Outside of  the basement  level is a shuttle bus to the Budget Terminal.

Terminal 3 of Changi Aiport, opened in 2008, has a capacity to handle 22 million passengers a year. The 28 airbridge gates include 8 for the A380 large aircraft. The 'Green Wall' is a five-storey garden spanning across the main building and can be viewed from both Departure and Arrivals Halls. T3 gate location:  Departure Transit Lounge Level 2 - gates A1-A8 and B1--B4 in the center, and B5-B10 to the east and A9-A21 to the west.

The Budget Terminal
of Changi Aiport, opened in 2006, and located on Airport Boulevard, near the terminal complex, was built for Asian low-cost carriers (LCCs). It lacks moving walkways, escalators and airbridges and consists of a single-storey terminal with two adjacent one-storey buildings for departure and arrivals. To get from the main terminals to the Budget Terminal, proceed to the basement of Terminal 2 and take the free shuttle bus near bus bay 36, which runs every 10 mins and 2am-5am every  minutes. Free internet access, food & drink establishments & duty-free shops

The small & separate JetQuay CIP Terminal next to T2 (the former VIP Terminal, is an elite terminal privately run, is accessible to all passengers of any airline and any class, traveling through T1, T2 or T3, and provides private checkin, baggage handling & immigration clearance services.

Services and amenities inside Changi Airport's passenger terminals:

Information & Customer Service Counters (call toll-free from Singapore for T1 at 1800 542 9727; for T2 at 1800 542 9792; for T3 at 1800 6307 8555; no toll-free call for Budget Terminal, call (65) 6412 750).
Other services and amenities include Hotel Reservation Counters, Passenger Meeting Services., Internet & Business Services, Currency Exchanges & ATM machines, Singapore Visitors Center, Postal & Telecommunication Services, Medical & Pharmacy Services., Baby care rooms, Left Luggage,  prayer rooms, Smoking Areas, Leisure and Entertainment areas, and Restaurants and Shops.

Airline Lounges at Changi Airport:

1. Terminal 1 at Departure Transit Lounge:  Cathay Pacific / Sky View on Level 2; Emirates Lounge on Level 3; Qantas & British Airways Business Lounge on Level 3; Qantas & British Airways First Class Lounge on Level 3; Rainforest Lounge by SATS on Level 3; SATS Premier Lounge on Level 3; Thai Airways Royal Silk Lounge on Level 3.
2. Terminal 2 at Departure Transit Lounge:  MAS Golden Lounge on Level 3; Silver Kris Lounge on Level 3; SATS Premier Lounge on Level 3.
3. Terminal 3:  SIA Silver Kris (tel. (65) 6501 2849); Kris Flyer Gold (tel. (65) 6501 2865); SATS Premier (tel. (65) 6501 2680); SATS Special Service (tel. N/A).

Parking Options at Changi Airport include six carparks close to the passenger terminals: T1 has an open-air Carpark 1; T2 has two multi-storey carparks 2A & 2B linked to the terminal; Terminal 3 has at its basement level two carparks 3A & 3B.  The Budget Terminal has an open-air carpark.  Carparks are accessible from T2 Departure Check-in Hall Level 2 on either side; or from T3, B2 Mall, and Basement 2 on either side. All carparks offer the first 10 minutes of parking free. You are not bound to park in any specific carpark and can park in any one of them.

To get from Changi Airport to your destination you can rent a car (Arrivals Halls of T1, T2 & T3 - Avis is in all three terminals, Hertz is only in T2 & T3), or take a taxi (at taxi ranks outside the terminals), or a shuttle bus, bus or a train.  The Ground Transportation Desk (tel. (65) 6241 3818) offers information on transportation for 4-seater Mercedes Limos, 7-seater Mercedes Maxicabs, 9-seater Toyota Coaster or the Airport bus.
(a) Shuttle buses serve most of Singapore's hotels, for a fee of $9. Go to the Ground Transportation Desk at the Arrivals Halls for more information.
(b) Buses: Bus 36 to the City runs between 6am-midnight, costs $2, takes an hour and stops at the basement bus bays of T1, T2 & T3. You need the exact fare.
(c) Trains: The MRT to the city runs 5:30am-11:18pm, takes 27 mins and costs $2.70, which includes a $1 returnable deposit. Tickets can be bought at the station.
The MRTCity Train station is on the basement level of T2 & T3, accessible from Arrival Hall & Departure Check-in Hall by escalators and elevators. (T1 passengers can use the SkyTrain  to get to T2 or T3, while Budget Terminal passengers can use the free shuttle bus to T2.)
The Ground Transportation Desk addresses all transportation inquiries 24/7 (tel: (65) 6241 3818) and has the following modes of transportation available: 4-seater Mercedes Limo; 7-seater Mercedes Vito Maxicab, 9-seater Toyota Coaster & Airport shuttle bus.
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