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Same goodness since 1940s

These delicious rolls filled with crunchy turnip strips and other vegetables are from the Fujian and Chaoshan provinces.

And in Singapore, one of the most popular stalls, Ann Chin Popiah, was founded by Mr Lim Kam Chwee, a Hokkien who brought his recipe from Fujian in the 1940s.

When Mr Lim first came to Singapore, he worked as a hawker assistant in night markets. But he soon decided to make better use of his skills in popiah skin and started selling popiah skin instead. The popiah skin became a hit among neighbours and customers! Today, even though Mr Lim has already passed on, his children still continue to hand-make these delicious popiah skins with the same old recipe.

Freshly made daily, Ann Chin popiah skin is very different from the machine-made ones. Ann Chin’s are delightfully thin, almost translucent, and has a soft and rather chewy texture when bitten into.

The stall has only been selling the skin for years, and it is only recently that they have decided to sell popiah as well due to customers’ demand.

Ann Chin’s popiah filling is just as good. The main selling point is the fried ‘mang kwang’ (turnip). Juicy yet crunchy at the same time, they’re a hit when combined with the other ingredients such as bits of hard-boiled egg, lettuce, bean sprouts and peanuts. The popiah retains its moisture well yet the fragile skin remains whole until you pop it into your mouth.

 How to make?

1.The lettuce is topped with minced hard-boiled egg, bean sprouts and more peanuts.


2. The popiah skin is laid on a flat board. Sweet sauce, chilli sauce and peanut are added before a lettuce leaf is placed over the sauces.


3. The lettuce is topped with minced hard-boiled egg, bean sprouts and more peanuts.


4.The filling mainly consists of turnip, carrots and dried prawns.


5. The turnip filling is first drained of its moisture and then added on top.


6. The sides of the skin is tucked in and rolled up tightly.
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