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Fragrant herbal tea egg recipe

The aroma of these herbal tea eggs usually fills the air of any shopping malls with a Chinese tea house in it. Found commonly in electric rice cookers in one of these shops, you can recreate this addictive snack at home.

Serves: 8-10


12 eggs
500ml water


5g mo yi cha (tea leaves)
4 star anise
5 g cloves
6 g cinnamon stick
15 g ‘sok tei’
7 g ‘chun kong’
5 g ‘tong kwai tau’
8 g ‘kum cho’
9g dried mandarin peel
7g szechuan peppercorns


100ml light soy sauce
80g dark brown sugar
1/2 tablespoon salt


1. Briefly rinse herbs under a running tap.
2. Combine eggs, herbs, seasoning and water in a slow cooker. Turn the cooker on to auto cook and let it cook for three hours or until the flavours of the herbs have seeped into the eggs completely. Halfway through cooking, lightly crack the egg shells with the back of the spoon to allow the herbal mixture to further seep into the eggs.
3. To serve: remove eggs, drain and shell.
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