Beggar chicken recipe

Like some popular dishes, there’s a story behind the origins of beggar's chicken. A starving, homeless beggar in rural China was said to have stolen a chicken from a yard and was about to cook it when ...

Fragrant herbal tea egg recipe

The aroma of these herbal tea eggs usually fills the air of any shopping malls with a Chinese tea house in it. Found commonly in electric rice cookers in one of these shops, you can recreate this addictive ...

Steam prawns in herbal stock recipe

 This is an interesting way to prepare a prawn dish—by cooking it in an aromatic herbal stock. After cleaning the prawns, this dish is actually quite easy to put together. Just make sure you ...

Same goodness since 1940s

These delicious rolls filled with crunchy turnip strips and other vegetables are from the Fujian and Chaoshan provinces.
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Vietnam family holidays
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